ABC Summer


Look at these cute summer alphabet crafts my kids and their nanny are getting into! As it turns out, the alphabet is a super fun, and easy way to organize your kids’ summer while keeping them engaged. Crystal (better known around these parts as KeeCoo) has developed a little week-by-week system to create structure for my kiddo’s summer and get Lo actively involved in learning her letters.


How great is that? I am excited to share their system so that you can build your own alphabet summer! Its easy:

  1. Figure out how many week days there are in your summer and assign each day a letter. Some letters will be used twice since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and thankfully….there are way more days in the summer!
  2. For each letter and each day, pick several animals, but maybe one thematic creature (it can after all be past, present, or fictional).
  3. Using your own daily schedule have a time for craft, education videos, outdoor activity or game, and reading time that revolves around the letter theme and animal.
  4. Make sure you talk talk talk about that letter and make those noises and most of all….PLAY, CREATE, PARTY!

Other ideas –


Get some great ABC books to follow along, and go to the library from some letter inspired books (If you are working on C get a bunch of books about cows and chickens). We are in love with Oliver Jeffers Once Upon an Alphabet and the beautiful watercolor illustrations in Kim Krans ABC Dream


Dress Up

We used face paint too. C is for cow – MOOOOOOO!


If you follow me on Instagram @afriendlyaffair, I will post the rest of their alphabet crafts as they unfold through the weeks. Hopefully you will find some inspiration. Good Luck, mama!