Book List: Non-Fiction Books about Women

Anyone planning for a book report soon? I have you covered! This is a comprehensive list of some of the BEST non-fiction books about women on the market today. Some are anthologies or collections of stories, some are just great picture books. Plus - I have included some pictures from this rowdy-cool craft I did for my daughter and her #girlsquad last year: Patch-tacular vests!

Click here (or the picture below) to check that out, find links to the great patches, and see how I did that quick and easy hand-embroidery. 

Click here to see how I translated four of these books into costumes!

The other day, one of my girl friends, who is exclusively a bad*ss boy mom asked essentially, "Why the emphasis on women's lit and women's history." Well, those are the words she said, but the question she was actually asking is, I think, "Will my boys be left behind in the clamor to celebrate heroines?" She wants to make sure that her boys have positive role models (told you she was awesome). But it left me wondering, do you ever feel this way? Like maybe all this #girlpower talk is leaving our boys without equally positive messages? 

Yet is true, our boys need positive role models too! But despite what feels like a disparity, our world still overflows with positive messages for boys and these books about women are a necessary compliment to centuries of history written almost exclusively by men in a patriarchal society. 


Don't forget:

  • When your boy starts learning world and American history - all the pictures and stories will be about men. 
  • Every fourth of July, when we celebrate our countries will be the fathers that are celebrated. 
  • When you boy goes to the national portrait gallery for the first time and sees the snapshots of our countries history, there will be no women in those paintings. 
  • When your boy celebrates presidents day with a play - every boy will be a star and every girl will be a supporting player. 

These messages are implicit and they matter! You're boy will be told, once he starts school, that he is the momentum of our nation and world, and if you're paying attention, you will find wise ways to buttress and add dimension to this message. So don't worry! .....But if you want to do him right, make him curious about the presence of women. Help him to know that even though history has been told by men, women have mattered, and will continue to matter!

Best Non-Fiction books about Women:

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Take a moment to think about the texts students have access to in your classroom and the texts they have access to in your school’s library. Think about the stories being told, who is telling them, and who is being left out. If I were a student in your school, would I be able to find multiple texts with reflections of myself and multiple texts that serve as windows into the world of others?
— Chad Everett