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The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Child

Disciplining is an art, not a science. It is easy to get wrong and hard to get right - or so it seems. Maybe it will help to know the 10 most common discipline mistakes that parents make. That way, you’ll at least know some pitfalls to avoid. // Discipline pitfalls to avoid // Discipline well by avoiding these 10 mistakes

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Kid's Favorite Books About Science

A great book list of my favorite STEAM or STEM picture books. These books feature scientists, science facts, or tell great fiction stories about driven and curious little kids. Check it out now or pin it for later! It is good to have a well rounded library list and I think that these science inspired books really do the trick!

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A Comprehensive List of the Best Seek-and-Find Books

A great list of the best seek-and-find books for children (and adults) of all ages. This is a great list of picture books that can provide hours of productive distraction and business for your children. These books also provide excellent parent-child interaction by encouraging "looking with." Great book list of seek-and-find picture books!

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