Counting with Barefoot Critters


WOOHOO! Break out the cake!!!

It’s time for a killer new release from Tundra Books. We love Barefoot Critters and have been so pleased with the newest: Counting With Barefoot Critters. * Not only were we happy to revisit some old friends, we loved the opportunity to practice our numbers, notice seasonal changes, and also play with the progression of time. As you can see, the illustrations are the same old precious for the first book. But I think this one has an education twist. First, its major for the language skills. The rhyme is really easy and the rhythm makes for a fun repeat read. As I have emphasized before, and as research emphatically confirms, repeat reading is so important for the development of vocabulary. 


For the sake of surprise, I won’t post what it looks like without the dust jacket. But you know its precious because Tundra ALWAYS takes the time to craft a beautiful spine and cover. I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to let my kids know that they deserve art and beauty and craft. Way to go Tundra. For some other reviews of this books check out @astoryaday and @book.nerd.mommy on Instagram.


Oh, and if you’re into food as much as I am, I’ll include a picture of the smash cake we made to celebrate spread six (and mostly by sons 1st birthday). This book made a great gift for my toddler on her little brother’s birthday – I can’t be the only one that does that?