Easter Books + Basket Things

Here Is quick peek at what we are buying for Easter Baskets this year. I have also included a booklist of our favorite Easter themed / Gospel(ish) picture books. It's good to include a book that might help them make sense of The Mystery of Christ....you know? Read it that morning for a special moment!

 I hope you have a great Holy Week, and I hope that you find something inspired for your kid's Sunday morning! XO

**This post is full of affiliate links - which means if you navigate to a purchase from here, you'll get a good price and send a support my way


The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross // Carl Laferton + Catalina Echeverri

I am giving two books by this stellar author/illustrator combo. They have such a sweet and smart way of telling a big BIG story. It's awesome. I previewed it on my little Godly Play group and it was a hit. Big themes, big love in both of these books. BUY IT HERE

God's Very Big Idea

This is a book about how God delights in the diversity of creation, and how God intends to reunite everyone with His Delight. Really beautiful. The illustrations knock me out! Buy one and want the other for a year...promise BUY IT HERE

I have also purchased "Little Blue Truck's Springtime" for my son....because LITTLE BLUE TRUCK IS EVERYTHING

Basket Goodies

And who in their right mind would forget Cadbury Eggs (and Cadbury Eggs Mini - oh my) or those incredible egg-shaped Reeses. They're better right? You know what, don't even answer that. They are. For sure.

And if you have to have shredded grass for your baskets, do me a favor and buy biodegradable....there is nothing Easter about another million pounds of single-use plastic in our kid's ocean. Amiright?


Listen. I chose these books because I personally own them and trust them with my kids understanding (of something that is very important to me)....and I am picky. There are books featuring Jesus and His Gospel that make me want to throw up. These are the real deal. 

Easter Book List.png