A Comprehensive List of the Best Seek-and-Find Books

One piece of the LookingUp and LookingWith puzzle, is >> synchrony. There is something special and powerful, unique and transformative about the way a successful caregiver can coordinate with a child's behavior or expression to connect with the underlying emotion. One of the first ways we tell our children, "I see you, I hear you, you are worth seeing and hearing," ...is through synchrony! Books are awesome little tools for synchrony and attunement, but seek-and-find books...they take the cake. If you join with your child on the journey of a good seek and find, you will find so many opportunities to look together, notice together, have joy together, contain frustration, and mimic any number of emotions.


Thanks @panipik for letting me use this picture. I see you're enjoying Mamoko. 

This post is essentially a mega list of THE BEST new and awesome, seek-and-finds available. I have another post that goes even more in depth about Looking With (<<click there). It is a great companion post to my (kind of life-changing) LOOKUP CHALLENGE. If you haven't taken the challenge but are looking for way to successfully change your media habits so that you and your family can benefit from some healthy phone-use.....then look no further!! CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE CHALLENGE. 

Exhaustive List of Seek-and-Find Books