Loving (and crafting) Frida Kahlo

Looking for Frida Kahlo book report and costume ideas? Well look no further! We have a couple excellent Frida Kahlo picture books, a couple of female-centric (feminist) anthologies with excellent Frida features, and an intense Frida-book for mama! Plus, crafting a beautiful Frida headdress to celebrate her and Mexican culture is as easy as 1-2-3! Dios De Lost Muertas here we come!

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Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos

What a fun way to approach Frida for both of my children. They LOVED learning about each animal and laughing over their names. Frida loved her animals and had several fury companions throughout her life which played a distinct role in her resilience, joy, and passion.

Little People, Big Dreams: Frida Kahlo

This series of books celebrating wonderful women has yet to grow old for us! You can see that I have included it in other posts before. This is a classic, easy to read and relatively simple book, that celebrates Frida with ease and beauty! Plus, it looks pretty good hanging on a wall. Purchase it here!

Frida: A Biography

This biography from Harper Perennial and authored by Haden Harrera is probably the most well respected. Combine it with her journals, and I feel like you'll have all you need to fall in love with this incredible woman and brilliant artist. For me, this book was more than just Frida, it inspired a tender appreciation of Mexico and it's culture. Purchase it here!



Anthology Features

Frida is featured in a couple of female-centric anthologies that we love. The first, Amazing Babes is a general and VERY simple (one sentence each) collection of women coupled with the author's most treasured value/lesson from each. The second, which is my favorite women's anthology of all time, is Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. This book never gets old and has a beautiful Frida feature that taught us exactly what you would hope a child could learn from Frida's passion and skills. 

Crafting Frida


As you can see when went a step further and painted a beautiful Dios De Los Muertos mask. We crafted our Frida costume and head-dresses for carnival. So, celebrating the yin and yang of this cherished Mexican Holiday that Frida loved so dearly, felt like an inevitable bonus! Frida LOVED her country (and her country loves her back). I think that one of the best ways to study a person is to learn not just about them, but about something that they love(d). 

So consider adding a brief Day of the Dead study to your Frida book report! 

Making a Frida headpiece is so simple! All you need is a headband, plastic flowers, and a glue gun. I think the trick though is probably a small strip of felt glued to the underside of the headband. This not only make the band more comfortable, it gives you more space to adhere flowers. 



If you want to go a step further and and paint your own mask. It is very easy. I ordered a pre-painted mask, and then painted over it white. Then, I added my own style, acrylic paint, and decor. I loved doing this so much, I would probably make you one for $50 - no seriously. THIS CRAFT WAS FUN and obviously entirely done by mama. Haha.

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