Petra + Activity Guides for Picture Books

I received this wonderful picture book in the mail not too long ago, and because it was from Tundra (y'all know that press can do no wrong in my eyes) I read it out loud immediately - no prereading necessary. Let me tell you, I laughed and I laughed, and then I did some serious wondering with my kids. If a book can help me slide from laughing right into wonder questions...that book wins all my stars and my hearts. And if that book has a pre-made companion activity head explodes and I want to run around the block throwing photocopies of the book's cover in folk's faces. 


Petra is the debut...DEBUT...effort from Marianna Coppo. It is about a pebble that gets rudely awaken from the fantasy that she is neither a mountain nor an island nor an egg...she is in fact a pebble. That is, she is a pebble until she is adopted as a pet rock. 

The only natural thing for us to do after the reading was to make our own pet rocks! Look at our precious pictures from this precious crafting moment with my family. A little peak into our lives through the window of a MOST highly recommended book. 


If this is the first you're hearing of pre-made activity books, allow me to enlighten you! Here is an exhaustive list (with links) to all of Tundras activity booklets. Cruise the list and get to that library and then write the picture books lovers at Tundra a love letter...


Do you want my Petra wonder questions?! 

  • I wonder what is most important in this book?
  • I wonder if you're in this book or if this book is about you in any way?
  • I wonder what it felt like for Petra to learn over and over that she wasn't really what she thought she was?
  • I can't imagine what it must feel like to think you're a mountain and then learn you're a funny! Can you imagine or name that feeling?
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