The Books We Are Giving + Why

There are a ton of great books to give out there, but this handful of picture books, graphic novels, kids nonfiction, and board books cover all the bases. Plus, in true AFA style, the books we like to give boost brain growth and family relationship.

Read on for a description of each children's book that we are giving this year, why we think its a great choice, and for whom we think the book is perfect. BAM! 

AFA is all about increasing attachment, family intimacy, child well-being (and mama well-being). Sounds good? Gain access to our free resource library!

Oh...and in case you're in a holiday or birthday flurry...the pics are links, the titles are links. All you have to do is click and buy. Who's ready to one stop shop?

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Numero Uno - 

My Little Cities

Our favorite books to give mamas-to-be, babies, and even toddlers are definitely Chronicle's, "My Little Cities" series. These board books hit the high points for me.

They are perfectly sized for little hands, the colors and shapes are visually stimulating for even the smallest of babies, they encourage wanderlust and curiosity of other cultures, and bonus: they explore opposites and prepositions for the pre-schoolers on your list. 

It is hard to help a small kid wrap their head around the size of the world and the presence of folks outside their immediate system. So in my opinion, you can't start too early. 

Cities available (so far): Paris, San Francisco, New York,

DOS - 

Her Right Foot

Ohhhh MAN. OHHHHH MAN.... "Her Right Foot" is game changing. Beautifully written, unelaborated and pointed illustrative work, and a breathtaking breath of fresh air. I felt nostalgic for something long dormant.


For the little patriot in us that might be struggling to find their voice, their pride, or those long-lost lessons of America's beautiful purpose - this book is hitting on all cylinders. Party history, part brilliant wondering, this books explores the Statue of Liberty's s purpose and past better than any book I have read.

We give this to adults and grade schoolers, babies and grandparents. This book wins hearts and minds.


Waldo, Natures Day, & Once Upon an Alphabet

Seek and Finds, Treasure Hunts, and Poetry. Some books facilitate joining better than others. 


Natures Day comes to us from the always lovely, nonfiction behemoth Wide Eyed Editions. If you have downloaded my "Tips for Looking With," you'll know that I am ALL ABOUT helping you find creative ways to "synchronize your gaze" with your kiddos.

Gaze synchronization, or looking along the same line of site with your kids, is a powerful empathy building tool. "Looking with" your child as you describe, engage, and explain is also great for parent-child relationship and trust. I mean...I could go, maybe just download the guide.

Naturally, I wouldn't be the passionate, kid-loving psychologist that I am if I didn't gift things that I think are beautifully tailored for relationship. 

  • Natures Day and its corresponding workbook will get you out and treasure hunting with your littles (score).
  • Where's Waldo will encourage hours of cuddly, post-holiday haze togetherness. But together or not, we give this book because it also encourages QUIET LOOKING (praise God).
  • And then of Alphabet book for the ages. Poetry, learning, illustrations? This book encourages co-learning and family"Once Upon and Alphabet" is a lovely, oversized stunner and one heck of a gift. 

Four -


Petra is a hilarious, simple little nugget of a picture book. We give this because most folks don't have it, we get to support the totally impressive debut efforts of a new author/illustrator, and everyone loves it. Guaranteed home run.

PLUS, I like to print out and include Tundra's free companion Activity booklet. I stinking love it when a publishing house goes the distance to include a beyond-the-book kit to help parents go deeper with their kiddos. (and truly, Tundra is great at this.)

I love giving a book with activity kit because so often I get texts a week later from grateful mamas along this line: "I went to a few different publisher websites and found companion kits for several of our favorite books!!" So if you didn't know that it is worth visiting a publishers website you do. 

Here is a link to all of Tundra's companion kits and inspiration!


Finally - 

A World of Information + Audubon: On the Wings of the World

We give these books because of their "total package" mystique coupled with their appeal to such a wide range of ages. I think you could EASILY take these books 7-97yo.

Beautifully illustrated in ways that aren't expected, these books straddle the line between coffee table book, expose, and encyclopedia. Here is a short list of who you need to give this book to:

  • Artists
  • Nerds
  • Bird Lovers
  • Southerners
  • Students
  • History Buffs
  • Graphic Novel Fans
  • People who have never been exposed to graphic novels
  • Folks that enjoy learning
  • People that breathe

A World of Information and Audubon: Not he Wings of the World