Raising Kind Kids that Share

Raising Kind Kids that Share


This awesome packet is one of my favorites! In it, you will find several helpful tools to help you raise socially and emotionally competent children. Who doesn’t need a little extra support to make sure that you raise kind kids, with good social skills, and the security to grow in confidence?

What’s included:

  • A cheatsheet of 34 of the best “emotion-words” that you can begin incorporating into your family life right now. Support your child’s vocabulary so that they can know themselves, express themselves, and tantrum a little less.

  • A thorough list of social and emotional competencies so that you know what behaviors to encourage so that your child is ready for school and a life of relational success

  • A cheatsheet of activities you can incorporate or offer that encourage emotional and social growth/confidence

  • A 30 MINUTE, THOROUGH power point presentation of the 5 VERY BEST WAYS to encourage emotional health and wellbeing in your children, starting as early as the first year! I love getting a chance to teach you with pre-recorded videos. They make learning so easy and fun.

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