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Today we are going to talk about relationship building. We are going to talk about how you can nurture a loving partnership or relationship. 

We are going to tell you a few simple acts of love and affection that you can show your partner on a daily basis. We are also going to talk about how to nurture a relationship and build emotional intimacy.

These are simple points that will help you build and increase trust and transparency in a relationship with simple acts and quality time together.

We are also going to include different supportive gestures that are not only good for physical intimacy but emotional intimacy as well. 

So, let us look at how you can nurture a loving partnership. 



Affection is not something that you do with giant grand acts of love. You do not have to give your partner diamond rings to build affection.

Affection is simple to build and it is through daily acts of kindness and love. Perhaps your partner is tired from the office and you can just massage their neck or hands.

Perhaps they are stressed due to some reason and so you can just hold their hands and tell them that you are confident in them. 

Affection is about daily reminders of support and that is also the best way for building a strong friendship. This is because, without a good friendship with your partner, you can never have a loving partnership. 


If you want to develop a loving partnership with your partner then one of the simplest things you can do is to just listen when they are speaking to you.

We are not just talking about dropping everything when they are talking to you because that is not the case.

We are talking about actively taking part in listening to your partner when they are sharing different things with you.

It can be things like feelings and it can even be experiences. All you need to do is to ask them about the issue and engage in a conversation with them.

You need to make them feel like they have a place to pour out their soul and this is the best kind of emotional support you can provide them. 


One of the key secrets to a very healthy relationship is good communication with your partner.  You should develop a position where they can speak to you and you can speak to them.

When you speak with your partner and communicate openly with them about what you feel about different things, they will feel noticed.

They will feel noticed and important when you share your stress and all your thoughts with them.  

You should create an atmosphere where you can share not only your stress but also your dreams and aspirations in life.

You should be able to communicate everything with your partner and create a space of no judgement.


Developing a loving relationship is not only about doing little and big things for your partner but it is also the opposite.

It is not about doing things but it is also about recognising everything that your partner does for you.

If you can take your time to notice the small sacrifices that your partner makes for you and the small things they do for you, then they are going to feel noticed and they are going to feel respected.

Mutual respect is the basis of any relationship and respect comes with recognising the sacrifices of your partner. 

And it is not just about recognising them but also appreciating your partner and saying a simple ‘thank you’ whenever they do anything for you.  

It might be something as small as when your partner heats up your coffee when it gets cold because you forgot about it. 


If you want to develop and nurture a loving partnership and if you feel like all these points are too much to follow then you only need to do one thing.

This one thing will be enough for you to build a healthy relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust. This one thing is very impactfully and powerful. 

We are talking about kindness, just be kind and that will be all for your partner. When you are kind you are also supportive.

Being supportive is just showing kindness to your partner and encouraging them and also helping them when they need assistance.

We are all human beings and we are capable of great things and we just need a little push of support and kindness. 

That is why if you want your partner to succeed in life you should also do that and be that little push of kindness and support in their life. 


Spending time together is not just about going on vacations to some remote exotic location and it is not about going on an expensive date.

Spending time together can be about washing the dishes together or doing laundry together. It can be about just walking around the park.

Spending time together can be about just cooking together but the main thing you should focus on here is spending time together.

What you do together is not important because you are doing it together it will definitely build intimacy and it will contribute to a loving relationship.

This can also be in the form of small surprise gestures as well when you come home early to surprise them with some quality time together.

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