Today we are going to tell you why you should always use lube as you present this lube using guide. We are going to dive deep into the lubrication benefits during sex.

We are going to talk about things like enhanced sexual experience as well as increased sensitivity in detail and help you understand why you should always use lube during sex. 

However, we are not going to tell you how to use lube for better sex or recommend different brands of lube because that is totally up to you. 

So, let us dive deep into why you should always use lube during sex. 



One of the most important reasons why people use lube is because of better comfort. The thing is sex can get dry after a time.

You might feel friction and discomfort and along with that, there can be issues like irritation due to the dryness. This can cause discomfort and pain. 

Of course, there is natural lubrication in the vagina and the penis also produces precum. But it is insufficient at times when you are having sex for a long time.

Natural lubrication can also fail if you are on medication or if you are not young. That is why it is always a good option to use lube as it prevents discomfort and pain.


Dry sex does not feel good. The irritation that is caused by dry sex can be very uncomfortable and penetration will not seem good.

This is because the skin on our sexual organs can get irritated if they are dry. They can have natural lubrication but it tends to dry out after a while. 

That is why if you plan on doing long-term sex and if you also want it to be fun and exciting as well as very pleasurable then lube is the answer.

Lube boosts intimacy because you do not have to think about being careful during penetration if you have lube around. 

Lube will help you feel better sensation as it will keep everything wet and flowing. 


The thing about sex is that if you are doing dry sex then it can even be potentially dangerous. The thing is that dry sex can even lead to injury of the sexual organs.

You can experience rashes or small cuts or irritation which can lead to infection. This is all because of friction and it is uncomfortable in general.

If you want to have safe sex then lube is the answer because it reduces the risk of injury. Lube makes penetration easier.

And if you want to have long-lasting sex then you can get any long-lasting lubrication and trust it to perform well. 

The thing about lube is that it is not like natural lubrication which can dry after some time. The lube might be water-based but it is made up of very safe compounds that make it stay wet for a long time. 

Most sex-related injuries occur because people have quick and hardcore sex that gives no time for natural lubrication to take place. That is why if you like quick and fun random sex then lube is the answer. 


If you want to try out new positions of sex and if you want to find out if you can have pleasure in new positions then lube is the answer as well.

This is because when you try out new positions and new techniques you might not be the most comfortable or the most confident because it is new.

That is when a lube can come in very handy because it will help you regain your confidence so that you can perform just as well in this new type of position.

Lube is also excellent if you do not want to have hardcore sex and if you just want to try different kinds of handjob techniques with your partner.

Lube is excellent for any kind of experimentation. You can be sure that all your kinks and fantasies will be fulfilled when you are well-lubricated. 


If you like using sex toys then you might also understand that things can get dry down there really quickly.

And unlike natural organs, sex toys do not have any natural lubrication. That is why if you introduce lube into the mix then things can become very spicy and pleasurable.

You can play with your sex toy for hours without thinking of irritation and injury related to dryness. 

Lube is generally made of very safe materials that do not react with anything which means you can use it with any kind of sex toy whether it is a metal sex toy or a glass sex toy or even a silicon sex toy. 


Lube is made of materials that do not react with silicon or any other material commonly used in condoms.

Lube has great benefits when you use it with a condom. While a condom already comes with lube but it is on the inner side which means the male partner will not need lube.

But things can still get dry on the opposite side and that is why if you combine lube with a condom during sex then you are going to get a very pleasurable and comfortable experience.

It is also going to be much safer to use a condom because if a condom experiences friction then it can break but with lube that is not the case. 

That is why if you use lube even when you are having sex with a condom, you can be sure that the condom is going to be alright. 

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