How Online Dating Has Changed The Meaning Of Love

How Online Dating Has Changed The Meaning Of Love

“Love” is a four-letter word whose meaning cannot be expressed in words. The three magical words “I Love You” might be the start of a relationship, but it’s not enough to sustain one. It is indeed true; there is no doubt about it. Click Here to know more.

Before, love was something that you bumped into accidentally, but in the 21st century, with the evolution of the internet, a new concept of online dating has emerged. Instead of this accidental cute meet-up, people believe they must put themselves out more and explore new things.

For this new generation, the meaning of soulmate is not the souls finding themselves but rather people finding each other, matching their souls, and trying to find compatibility.

Online dating asks you to be proactive and go search for love. This concept of online dating revolves around the idea of a soulmate, and the other forms of love, like arrange-marriage, are fading away.

Instead of meeting people through other known people like friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, people now use different dating sites and apps to find and get to know other people. These are a more private type of dating, rather than the normal one, as in online dating, people meet and talk in a sphere entirely different from the normal one.

It has been noticed that people want to keep their dating and social life separate, at least in the starting stages, as they believe that too many “mutual people” make them uncomfortable as what happens between them might not stay between them.

Online platforms:

For most online platforms, the major shift to online dating started during Covid. Many new apps emerged and were shown quite a lot of love. People chatted with others, and some went on dates. The success rate of online dating is less.

People are generally ghosted, or after months of back and forth talking, they are like, “I am not looking for something serious.” There is a high risk of catfishing as well; people pretend to be someone else, sometimes 80 years old, pretending to be 23 years or around the same age. People on these applications are looking for sexual intimation.

The plus side of online dating is that people have more apparent intentions. A lot of times, people may have something, but not to mean them is a strong possibility as humans are unpredictable, but online dating has proved that people upfront say what their expectations are.

Not only this, the stakes of dating has been significantly lowered. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest things that keep people from making advances, but with online dating, the internet has created a safe space for people to try and date and not be embarrassed about rejection.

Everything has its pros and cons online dating has them too. The way love was seen and is now has drastically changed, and the traditional methods of love are fading away. If you also want to find love or your soulmate, you can also try online dating.

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